Sunday, March 4, 2012

OK, fellow Sausagemaniacs! Here we are in March already! I decided to start a new post because the original was getting a bit dragged out.

So please feel free to continue with your excellent comments, advice and questions!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to the NEW SausageMania Blog!

Hey There, Sausage Lovers! is a completely FREE informational website, live on the Web since 2001. Although we participate in Google AdSense, offers nothing for sale. The revenue we receive from ads helps defray the costs of maintaining the site.

This BRAND NEW blog will give you, the Visitor, a chance to ask anything you want to know about making sausage at home. We're well-known for our award-winning Photo Tutorial on How to Make Sausage. We also have several pages of sausage recipes, including new ones on Russian Fruit Sausage and Italian Porcini Sausage.

Home sausage making was the original reason that was created, but since 2001, we've branched out in new directions.

Visit our LoxMania, KipperMania and the new CaviarMania pages. And be sure to catch our Photo Tutorial on How to Make Salmon Lox.

Most recently, we posted a new PestoMania page on How to Make the World's GREENEST Pesto Sauce, which includes a never-revealed secret on how to keep your Pesto Sauce from discoloring.

Send us your questions, comments and observations.

Welcome once again to the Blog — and Happy Sausage Making!